It is with great pleasure I welcome you to the official website of the Saint Lucia Customs and Excise Department. The website contains a wealth of information for travelers, traders, passengers, manufacturers, tourist and the public to assist in understanding the procedures and requirements of the Department.

The Department has taken several steps to improve trade facilitation by reducing the number of forms and making our services available online through the ASYCUDA World IT system. We are constantly working on improving our processes by further simplifying procedures within the scope of our law enforcement mandate of border security and the collection of revenue.

Rody Alcindor


Concessions on Christmas Barrel Trade 2017

Please be informed that Cabinet has approved concessions on the Christmas Barrel trade for importations during the period 15th November 2017 to 31st January 2018.

Draft CARICOM Harmonised Customs Bill for Comments

Please find below revised draft harmonised Customs Bill and Regulations for feedback and comments from the public and other interested parties.

Draft Customs Bill
Draft Customs Regulations

Draft Customs Brokers Legislation

Please find the Draft CARICOM Harmonised Customs Brokers Legislation for feedback and
comments from customs brokers and other interested parties.

VAT Exemption on Pharmaceuticals

Please note that effective 1st November 2014, the pharmaceuticals in the schedules listed below will be exempt from VAT as per Statutory Instrument No. 65 of 2014.
Pharmaceuticals Schedules