Customs Dept.:  Tel: (758) 468-4800  Fax: (758) 452-4959

Customs Internal Directory

Anita Montoute Acting Comptroller of Customs
Rody Alcindor Deputy Comptroller - Operations
Ava Marius Assistant Comptroller - South
Albert Sandy Assistant Comptroller - Enforcement
Peter Chiquot Assistant Comptroller - Revenue Compliance
Catherlina Preville Assistant Comptroller (Ag) - Support Services
Kurt Thomas Legal Officer
Angelin Remy Secretary - Office of the Comptroller
Marcellinus Ernest Inspector III - Strategic Planning and Training
Kathleen Valcin Human Resource Specialist - HR
Christopher Williams Inspector III - Risk Management and Internal Audit
Johann Alexander Inspector II (supervisor) - GFLC Airport
Wilson Holder Inspector II (supervisor) - Cargo Control Unit (South)
Anita Alexander Inspector II (supervisor) - Cargo Control Unit North
John Daniel Inspector II (supervisor) - ACTS Vigie
Gibbling Joseph Inspector II (supervisor) - Preventive Unit (South)
Sherman Emmanuel Inspector III - Post Clearance Audit
Adrian Dominique Information Systems Manager
Clive Deterville Inspector II (supervisor) - External Examination Unit
Errol Gaskin Inspector II (supervisor) - Post Clearance Verification
Gittens Henry Inspector II (supervisor) - Compliance / Post Clearance Unit (South)
Edward Joseph Inspector II (supervisor) - Preventive Unit North
Charlie Bushell Inspector II (supervisor) - West Indies Shipping Transit Shed
Vincent Prospere Inspector II (supervisor) - Export Verification
Paul Noel Inspector II (supervisor) - Investigations